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We are a social platform that is dedicated to connecting the everday girl and woman to adventures.We believe that adventures are a path to Leadership, Self Care, Empowerment and Community Building.

Through our various programs: Adventure Scholarships, Mother Daughter Adventure Day, we are pushing girls and women outside of their comfort zone and empowering them to be the best they can be.



Each year we grant 3 scholarships to deserving young girls who want to attend an outdoor adventure camp or just want to take something new.

Mother Daughter Adventure

This purposeful adventure is designed to strengthen the bond between mother and daughter. Moms this is a chance for you to laugh, listen, talk with your daughter and get away from things that normally distract the both of you. Daughters this is a chance for you to see your mother not only as a ‘Mom’ but as a woman that shares the same desires as you to enjoy life, to have fun and to be loved.

Women Adventure Day

Grab your gear and let’s get out of the mundane and everyday life and reconnect with ourselves. This is a day packed with adventure, designed to challenge you some and relax you a lot. You will go back home as a re-energized, refreshed and different woman.

Girl Leadership and Adventure Camp

A three to 5 days camp for young girls age 8 to 13. Through hands on and classroom learning, each girl will learn to plan, prepare and execute her own outdoor adventure. The skills learned during camp will increase her self-confidence and teach her great decision making as well leadership skills.



Atlanta, Georgia